PHOTOGRAPHY . . . is a must.

Quality photos are everything! Don't let poor images of your work keep you from being liked! In order to promote your awesome product we require you to submit 2-3 quality images of your work to complete your APPP Vendor Application.

SOCIAL MEDIA . . . you need it.

So by now, we all know how much we rely on social media for our businesses. It's the key way to drive traffic to your website or inbox! APPP gets tons of inquiries about our vendors and the products we post, well after our event is over.  We strongly encourage you to be up-to-date on your social media platforms so we can tag your shops and send you YOUR leads! If you need help setting up your business on social media let us know! This is what we love to do! Just shoot us an e-mail and we'll be happy to consult with you about our services!

BRANDING . . . is everything.

Branding really and truly is everything. It's the thing that says it all. Do you have a strong brand? If not, are you ready to make the investment? This includes anything from the photography of your business to your print and packaging - business cards, banners, booth set-up, social media, on-line stores, blogs, merch tags, and anything else that represents you and your product. Consult with APPP to learn more about our graphic design and marketing services. We'd love to be a part of your success story!

YOUR PRODUCT . . . says it all.

Of course! Your product says it all! We love discovering unique handmade original items. We've heard there's nothing new under the sun, but we believe that each of you have a unique touch that makes your product YOU! The quality of your work will speak for itself. Each of our vendors shine through the heart and soul they put into all their hard work! It's incredible - it's what we love to discover and promote!

Please email us if you have any questions to info@apeoplepartyproductions.com.

Happy Crafting! making! creating!