How do I become an APPP Vendor?

You must submit your Vendor Application and email 2-3 promotional quality images to

Is there an application fee and it is refundable if I am not accepted?

There is a $10 application fee. This covers the administrative time to look through our applicants and correspond with all vendors, and is nonrefundable. We wish we could fit everyone in, unfortunately space is always limited. Vendors are selected in effort to provide a variety of categories for our shoppers, and we do our best to curate a show that will connect to the market location, venue, and overall vibe.

How do I know if I’ve been selected as a vendor? 

You will receive an e-mail response within five days confirming your acceptance as an APPP Vendor with a link to pay your participation fee to reserve your spot.

What is APPP looking for in a vendor?

We are looking for handmade and unique quality products. Our mission is to create a fun and friendly environment that provides more exposure for small shops and creatives #whereyoulive. Our craft fair events exhibit handcrafted and original items along with artists and musicians.

Can I apply if I am a direct sales business?

We get numerous booth inquiries for Scentsy, LIpsense, etc. While we greatly respect and admire the hard work of these individuals, in order to stick to our mission, applicants must own or operate a unique one-of-a-kind business brand with handpicked or handmade items. However, if you can offer a unique presentation we are open to ideas. Please email us before submitting an application at

How do I pay to reserve my booth once I know I've been selected as an APPP Vendor?

Once you are selected as an APPP Vendor you'll receive an email with a link to pay for your booth which must be paid within 5 days to reserve your spot.

Can I share a table or booth?

Booths can be shared, but each business must submit a separate application and must pay separately. If one business backs out, the remainder of the original booth price will be due. See listed pricing below.

How much does a booth cost?

5 x 5 Booth - $50

8 X 5 Booth - $75

10 X 10 Booth - $125

Two businesses sharing 8 x 5 Booth - $65 each

Two businesses Sharing 10 X 10 Booth - $100 each

Edible Goods Only - $50 // 8 x 5 Booth

Shared booth vendors must both apply and pay separately.

Does APPP ask for commission?

No. Our application fees help us cover the cost of the event and also keeps our booth fees low.

Is my booth fee refundable if I'm unable to make it the day of the event?

No. All booth fees are nonrefundable. Whether you can make it or not, we still have to pay for all the expenses of the event. Additionally, making changes or adjustments to fill your spot actually adds more to the administrative work load.

Is it indoors or outdoors?

All booths will be indoors.

Does APPP provide the tables? What about the chairs? Tents?

APPP does not provide tables or chairs. When you specify your booth size, we simply reserve your spot. You will have space for seating behind your table or to work up a display. Bring your own comfy chairs. If you purchase a 10 x 10 you are welcome to set up a tent in our indoor space. When outdoors is applicable: If you choose to bring tents or umbrellas for outside set-ups they must be grounded with weights to stand against the wind. Here are some ideas to weight down your tent if you can't use stakes. (If you have no table options or are traveling from out of town, please let us know. We might be able to help lighten your load upon request!)

What is the space of the venue like?

This indoor space is large and spacey with high ceilings. It is a gorgeous and newly renovated vintage building in Downtown Abilene. While we try our best to work with vendor requests and special needs, not all booths are guaranteed a back wall or power.

Will there be a cover charge for the public?

Yes! As we have worked within the maker market industry, we have learned that adding a small cover charge not only helps us cover our expenses and time to curate and manage this event, it also brings quality shoppers that are serious about making purchases at our event. As our event grows, so do our expenses as we are now required to operate with event insurance and hire out more talent and paid roles in addition to our volunteers. $5 for 13 and up. $3 with student or military ID.

Parking options for Vendors?

While we will have plenty of parking available, keep in mind we want to leave the closest parking spots to our valued shoppers.

What if the weather is a problem the day of the event?

This event will proceed regardless of the weather. Safety is our number one concern - please contact us if you feel you cannot attend due to unsafe driving conditions.

Do I need a sales tax number?

To sell anything anywhere in the state of Texas you must obtain a seller’s permit from the  Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Office and collect sales tax for all sales. It can easily be obtained by visiting their office at  209 S Danville Dr, Abilene, TX 79605. If you have any questions give them a call at (325) 695-4323. They are very helpful! APPP is not responsible for collecting or making sure you collect and report sales tax revenues.

What is the best way to do transactions the day of the event?

We have found the Square device works great for processing card payments. Change and cash is always a part of transactions for markets and fairs. The venue is not available to break change for you.

How much inventory should I come with?

It depends on you and your product. Some vendors have a business that sells products year round so they bring a little bit of everything. Some vendors do custom orders so they will have their table stocked with their signature items, and have a sign-up sheet for custom orders. We've consistently had over 2K people come and go throughout a six hour duration.

Will I have access to an outlet?

While the venue will have several outlets, not all booths will have access to power. That said, please let us know if you have interest in an outlet and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How many vendors participate in APPP Craft Fairs and how many people attend them?

So far we average 50+ vendors with approximately 2K+ shoppers throughout the duration of the event.

How will I know when and where I will set up the day of the event?

You will receive a map showing your booth location the week leading up to the event. We'll also be available to help you locate your booth the day of the event.

What time do vendors need to arrive to set-up?

You will have time to set-up the night before 6pm - 10pm or the day of 8:30am - 10:30am (no earlier).  ALL BOOTHS MUST BE READY BY 11am. All vendors must check-in BEFORE unloading or setting up at your booth. Set-Up deets and procedures are provided as a downloadable document once you apply.

What is the venue location?

201 Mesquite St, Abilene TX in Downtown Abilene

Is there any discounts for hotels?

Currently working on this. We'll keep you posted!

Am I allowed to participate with baked goods?

Yes, we will partner with an official non-profit that will host the baked goods sale. More TBA.