our team


Jen Harmel - Founder & Curator

Hello! I'm Jen -- Owner & Curator of APPP. I have always had a thing for wanting people to know about all the local treasures and handmade goods where I live! I had no idea it was actually a way of marketing. I love seeing people make connections that further their inspiration and bring encouragement to their journey.

When I'm not jotting down ideas, editing photos, or sending out emails, you can find me hanging with my hubs and our two bebes. We love to grill in the backyard, take family bike rides, trips to ATX and Downtown Abi -- Basically, anything that involves eating and enjoying the local vibes wherever we go! And yes! We have one on the way! #feelingblessed #nervousexcited


Olivia Hewitt - Marketing & Event Coordinator Intern

Hey there! I am a lover of helping others reach their goals and achieve their dreams! I have always been drawn to adventure and discovery, and I think that in every idea there’s something good to be found! I have a passion for marketing and behind-the-scenes work, so I’m a gal who gets things done and goes above and beyond! I’m here to make sure that every detail is perfect and just in the right place for our sponsors, volunteers, vendors, and shoppers.

You can usually find me dancing and singing anytime and anywhere. I love to learn (nerd alert) and I look for something new to do every day! When I’m not working, hanging with my pals, or dreaming about travelling, you can probably find me watching Gilmore Girls or the Office.


Gabriela Ramirez

- Editorial Intern

I was the kind of kid who used to get in trouble for reading past their bedtime with a flashlight under the covers. “Just one more chapter,” I would beg my mom, and with a knowing smile, she would say OK. It was during those precious moments that my passion for stories developed. Whether it’s found between the pages of a book, embedded in the pixels on a screen, or pressed within the creases of a smile, stories are all around us.

Sharing the stories of others, through any medium, has always been a deep passion of mine. People, and the unique giftings they possess, should be celebrated!

When I'm not talking to myself (aka working) in coffee shops, you can find me overspending at Target, rewatching "New Girl" for the sixth time, or singing to my plants.