What is APPP? 

A People Party Productions is a promotional business that exists to help small shops and creatives gain momentum and direction for their brand through meaningful connections. We create cross promotional and strategic marketing opportunities through fun customized events, social networking, and creative marketing services such as product photography and social media management. We specialize in our curated Maker + Creator market known as the People Party Craft Fair with over 50 vendors, artist, live music, and specialty booths. #peoplepartycraftfair #whereyoulive

Photo by  @crissyfish

Photo by @crissyfish


Who is APPP? 

APPP is Jen Harmel, co-founded along with her husband Forrest Harmel in 2013. Forrest coined the name at their first unofficial event as it was clear it was a time of celebrating the people in the community. While Forrest is now actively pursuing his craft in custom woodwork as a participant at our events as @forrestwoodworks, Jen continues to develop the APPP business platform with a growing network of makers and small business creatives. Together they have a lovely little family of creatives, Amora Joy, 6, who loves to make things all day long with play dough and art supplies, and little Forrest Reign, 2, who loves to climb on everything and drive his lovely sister crazy. And if the news hasn't gotten to you yet, they're expecting baby #3 in April!

How did APPP get started?

A People Party Productions all started with a desire to generate a crowd and exposure for local musicians and artists.

 Our first event started off as a live music event with some friends at a coffee shop in 2012. Naturally, the venue had a great turnout and we wanted to do it again! So we did! The next fall APPP invited local creators to join the fun with another lineup of local musicians. It felt like nothing less than a people party...production! It was the first official People Party Craft Fair and it was magical!

“Today felt like walking through the streets of Santa Fe, only it was right here in Abilene, TX!” - 2013 APPP Vendor

From this place, over 50 of our vendors have either launched their business, strengthened their brand, and/or have gained more exposure and experience as a vendor.

Does APPP do more than just events?

After working to promote hundreds of small brands through our events, it was only natural for us to extend creative marketing services full-time. As we've watched the way social media has become the bread and butter for most creatives, we also want to see small shops have success between our events.  With a background in Marketing and Graphic Design, Jen is able to beautifully overlap our promotional events with the opportunity to invest in brand development and marketing strategies through our creative marketing services.



How many People Party Craft Fairs have been curated to date?

We've curated eleven People Party Craft Fairs since 2013 not including a few different Pop-Ups, Launch Parties, and third party festivals.

How many vendors participate in the People Party Craft Fairs?

We've consistently worked with an average of 50 vendors per each of our application driven craft fair events. Most venues max out at about 50, but we are open to expand our capacity based on the venues we partner with.

What's attendance like at a People Party Craft Fair?

We usually have between 600 to 1k depending on weather and the city we're in and such.

What's the difference between a Pop-Up and a Craft Fair?

Our Pop-Ups are curated with a select few hand picked vendors we collectively partner alongside our main sponsor, host, or venue. These are usually much smaller than our People Party Craft Fairs which is an application driven event that is open for anyone to apply within Maker + Creator market.

What is APPP looking for in a vendor?

We are looking for handmade and unique quality products. Our mission is to create a fun and friendly environment that provides more exposure for small shops and creatives #whereyoulive. Our craft fair events exhibit handcrafted and original items along with artists and musicians.

Can I apply if I am a direct sales business?

We get numerous booth inquiries for Scentsy, LIpsense, etc. While we greatly respect and admire the hard work of these individuals, in order to stick to our mission, applicants must own or operate a unique one-of-a-kind business brand with handpicked or handmade items. However, if you can offer a unique presentation we are open to ideas. Please email us before submitting an application at

How do I become a vendor?

Each People Party Craft Fair is uniquely curated through an application process. To become a vendor you must submit an application for each event. Applications usually open a couple months before the main event.

How do I know when to apply for the different events?

If you haven't already joined our Makers + Creators Network to receive our emails. You can do that here. We'll always send an official email out with the application link. We'll also launch open applications on all our social media platforms.

Is there an application fee and it is refundable if I am not accepted?

There is a $10 application fee. This covers the administrative time to look through our applicants and correspond with all vendors, and is nonrefundable. We wish we could fit everyone in, unfortunately space is always limited. Vendors are selected in effort to provide a variety of categories for our shoppers, and we do our best to curate a show that will connect to the market location, venue, and overall vibe.

How do I know if I’ve been selected as a vendor? 

You will receive an e-mail response within five days confirming your acceptance as an APPP Vendor with a link to pay your participation fee to reserve your spot.

Is every People Party Craft Fair the same?

They are all uniquely curated. Each year we look to partner with various venues and locations. We also work hard to recruit a variety of new + returning vendors to make sure our shoppers have plenty of new finds to discover. With each venue and final vendor list, we curate a unique floor plan with various specialty vendors and live music sets. Each event will have their own set up FAQS to help vendors know what to expect about the space and details about set-up.

When are the next People Party Events?

You can check out our calendar or a list of our events anytime!




I'm a musician. How can I get booked for an APPP event?

We're so glad you asked! We curate nearly all of our events with a live music lineup. Send us an email to with your info and media links. We'll let you know if you're a good fit for our events and how we can work with you.

I'm interested in working with APPP! How do I get involved?

First of all, you are so kind! We are always eager to meet new people that have a similar passion for what we do. While we do not have any paid positions (Believe us, we don't get a regular paycheck ourselves), we do have opportunities for intern hrs or volunteer positions. We are basically a one-women operation -- we use the "we" pronoun as we speak in terms of our brand, so we work with what we can, and take all the help we can get. Basically, the creativity and curation of our events can be as simple or elaborate as the amount of hrs + contributors we have to work with. There's ALWAYS creating to be done! If this is something you're interested in for your portfolio or experience or just to get involved link here to Volunteer or here for a possible Internship.

What's the difference between Volunteering and Interning?

Interns will work with us on a continual basis throughout a given period of time and may be able to earn course credit for a department that qualifies our hrs and intern responsibilities. Volunteers will work with us per event or project and based on their availability. 

I'd love to collaborate with APPP? How does that work?

Yes! We love collaborating with like-minded brands that have a growing or established platform! Get us more info here! Can't wait!

Can APPP consult with me about how to grow my business?

Yes! It's why we do what we do! We love seeing how our promotions help launch small brands and are always eager to help a business keep their momentum going through creative marketing solutions. If this is something you're interested in here's a great place to start!

What kind of services does APPP offer?

We offer a variety of creative marketing services that focus on helping you build your brand and business. Here's more deets about what we do!

What does APPP charge for creative marketing?

We have a standard pricing packet we can email you with all our basic creative marketing services or we can set-up a free consultation to get a better idea of your needs and create a custom package with a unique plan-of-action that can work for you and your budget. You can submit your request here.

Did we leave anything out?

Please let us know!

People Party Craft Fair at Space 24 Twenty

People Party Craft Fair at Space 24 Twenty