What is APPP? 

A People Party Productions (APPP) is a promotional business that creates cross promotional opportunities and strategic marketing through fun customized events and social networking. We also specialize in small businesses launch, content creation, social media marketing, management, and consultation.

Who is APPP? 

APPP was founded primarily as a biannual event by husband and wife, Jen and Forrest Harmel. It is now a social media and event marketing agency fully directed and operated by Jen. APPP continues to curate our own events while contracting social media marketing and vendor management for various clients.  Jen received a BFA in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University. Her background consists of Marketing Specialist for corporate and residential businesses. She also spent five years teaching special education in public school as part of her professional timeline. Slowly she eased her way into full-time freelance and the operations of APPP. Jen's found her passion for event branding and promotions when she launched JAM FEST in 2003, an annual campus event that ran strong for about thirteen years. It was a student ran event that gave bands and solo artists an opportunity to perform for a large audience at a well publicized event. "It originated from a place of wanting to perform for people, but not having any venues in town, so why not create a time and place for the music to happen with lots of friends to share the stage?"  As a college student she also participated in student organized craft fairs that have inspired her to bring a similar friendly indie artsy atmosphere to her community. Jen and Forrest also own and operate The Food Park in Downtown Abilene, a centralized location to host and promote the food trucks in Abilene, Tx.

What’s the APPP story?

A People Party Productions all started with a desire to generate a crowd and exposure for local musicians and artists.

 Our first event started off as a compilation show of our friends at The Cloisters in 2012. Naturally, the venue did great in sales and gained lots of exposure to new customers. Everyone involved had a blast so we thought why not do this again, but with a larger network of more creatives! So we did! The next fall APPP invited local creators aka vendors to join the fun with another lineup of local musicians. It felt like nothing less than a people party...production! It was the first official People Party Craft Fair and it was magical!

“Today felt like walking through the streets of Santa Fe, only it was right here in Abilene, TX!” - 2013 APPP Vendor

From this place, over 50 of our vendors have either launched their business, strengthened their branding, and/or have gained more exposure and experience as a vendor.