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Vendor faqs

When is this market?

The main event for this event is Saturday, Dec 8, 10am - 5pm.

How do I become a Vendor?

You must submit your Vendor Application and email 2-3 promotional quality images to

How much does a booth cost and how many vendors will be chosen?

5 x 10 - $75 - Number available TBD

10 x 10 - $150 - Number available TBD

Edible Vendors Only: 5 x 8 - $50 - Number available TBD

Can I share a booth?

We are selecting vendors that are ready to show their best on their own. We’ve provided two booth options for various inventory sizes.

Where is the venue located?

201 Mesquite Event Center in Downtown Abilene

201 Mesquite St, Abilene, TX 79601

What is the space of the venue like? Is it indoors or outdoors?

201 Mesquite is an indoor venue with a modern rustic vibe. Newly renovated in the heart of Downtown Abilene, this vintage building is sure to wow our attendees. From the refurbished wood floors and unique layout, access to the rooftop overlooking the city's retro skyline, newly renovated bathrooms, and party strung lights, it's perfect for our People Party Craft Fair.

Will I have access to an outlet?

We'll have access to outlets close enough for nearly every vendor to access. Be prepared with your own extension cord and safety electric tape to secure all loose cords to the ground.

Will I have a wall behind me?

We cannot assure you a wall or a that we can grant any specific requests, but will always do our best to place you in the best location based on your needs. You are welcome to bring wall dividers, tables, and anything that can stand alone for your display. 

Are chairs and tables provided?

Tables and chairs are not provided. (If you have no table options or are traveling from out of town, please let us know. We might be able to help lighten your load upon request!)

Is there an application fee and it is refundable if I am not accepted?

There is a $10 application fee for al applicants. This covers the administrative time to review and correspond with all vendors, and is nonrefundable. We wish we could fit everyone in, unfortunately space is always limited. Vendors are selected based on providing a variety of goods that will connect with the vibe of this venue and curated space.

Is my booth fee refundable if I'm unable to make it the day of the event?

While we understand that their is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, keep in mind, cancellations create more work to make adjustments to the floor plan. We are willing to work with you up to 50% of the booth fee on a case by case basis until date here. After this deadline, booth fees are no longer refundable.

What is APPP looking for in a vendor?

We are looking for handmade and unique quality products. Our mission is to create a fun and friendly environment that provides more exposure for small shops and creatives #whereyoulive. Our craft fair events exhibit handcrafted and original items along with artists and musicians.

Is the #peoplepartycraftfair a good place to sell fine art?

From our experience, we have not seen canvas artwork do well at our Maker Markets. Most of our shoppers are looking to buy artful goods. While we do consider fine artist's applications, we lean more toward working with artists that have products to sell that support their brand and distribute their art as prints, and other artful goods.

Can I sell edible goods?

Yes! You would fall under our Creative Bakers Corner where we try to partner with a non-profit. You must be in accordance with the Texas Cottage Food Law in all things sold. If you are a full on entree business, please email us separately. This may be something that fall more under catering or food truck options.

How do I know if I’ve been selected as a vendor?

You will receive an e-mail response within five days confirming your acceptance as a vendor with a link to pay and reserve your booth. All booths must be paid within 5 days of receiving your email confirmation in order to reserve your booth space.

Does APPP ask for a commission?

You keep 100% of your profit. Our application fees + admission continue to help us cover the cost of operations, event overhead, and also helps us continue to offer smaller booth options with lower booth rates. We also work additionally hard to try to secure new sponsors for each event, but these are never guaranteed.

Do I need a sales tax number?

To sell anything anywhere in the state of Texas you must obtain a seller’s permit from the  Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Office and collect sales tax for all sales. It can easily be obtained by visiting their office at  209 S Danville Dr, Abilene, TX 79605. If you have any questions give them a call at (325) 695-4323. They are very helpful! APPP is not responsible for collecting or making sure you collect and report sales tax revenues.

What is the best way to do transactions the day of the event?

We have found the Square device works great for processing card payments. Change and cash is always a part of transactions for markets and fairs. The venue is not available to break change for you.

Will there be a cover charge for the public?

Yes! As we have worked within the maker market industry, we have learned that adding a small cover charge not only helps us cover our expenses and time to curate and manage this event, it also brings quality shoppers that are serious about making purchases at our event. As our event grows, so do our expenses as we are now required to operate with event insurance and hire out more talent and paid roles in addition to our volunteers. General admission is $10.

Parking options for Vendors?

You can park as close as the venue provides public parking for unloading / loading, but your car must be moved to further parking on the block as soon as your merch is unloaded. We want all vendors to access close parking for unloading, and all shoppers to access the closest parking for the main event.

What if the weather is a problem the day of the event?

This event will proceed regardless of the weather. Safety is our number one concern - please contact us if you feel you cannot attend due to unsafe driving conditions.

How much inventory should I come with?

It depends on you and your product. Some vendors have a business that sells products year round so they bring a little bit of everything. Some vendors do custom orders so they will have their table stocked with their signature items, and have a sign-up sheet for custom orders. Do we know how much foot traffic we can anticipate?

How many vendors participate in APPP Craft Fairs and how many people attend them?

Our number of vendors depends on the venue. We average 50+ vendors in our home base with approximately 1K+ shoppers throughout the duration of the event.

How will I know when and where I will set up the day of the event?

You will receive a map showing your booth location the week leading up to the event. Your booth will be numbered and we will help you locate your booth the day of the event.

What time do vendors need to arrive to set-up?

We are excited to have the evening before to set-up! For those traveling from out-of-town, you have the option of setting up within the two hours before the event.

Set-up times:

Evening Set-Up: Friday 4pm - 9pm

Morning Set-Up: Saturday 9am - 11am

Can I offer a product as a promotional giveaway for your raffle?

Yes! We would love to provide you with a little extra exposure! We will display your item at the entrance for the fun raffle. Winner will be contacted the following week.

For more inquiries please feel free to send us an email at

Thank you!